Wednesday, May 28, 2008

douchebags will win in the end, anyway

It looks like I opened up a can of worms with my comment. These people seem quite vitriolic. It kinda makes me wonder what I am doing writing this blog. Do I have a logical defense against progress? Can one really argue for character and authenticity? My best arguments are details---a buzzing neon beer sign in the rain, treasures in a junkyard, blackberry vines snaking from garage doors, the delight one feels, in stores or bars, at the discovery of random and unexpected things. But that's all ephemera, isn't it?


poverty said...

All we have is the moment, so ephemera are important.

In the end, it's all ephemera anyway.

OCD OD said...

I think it's a balance, really. I like the idea of interesting, creative jobs moving into Ballard, because it could maybe, just maybe mean we could snag them someday, thus eliminating our Eastside slog. On the other hand, I grew up in this city and have seen it change so much and become so yuppified and so monied. I don't even want to necc. keep Seattle seedy as much as keep it nerdy. And I mean really nerdy. Like geeks getting together to play sea chantys and play fiddles, not ironic nerdy. Although that's cool too.

evilcat said...

maybe you need to start another blog, cedar. or t-shirts?

jb said...

I think that's exactly what it is- some sense of authenticity. It's one thing for a business to pay tribute to what came before through preserving an old sign, but it's another thing for the business that erected (hee hee) the sign to still be there.
And yeah, graphic designers aren't devil spawn, but there is something (I can't believe I'm using this word) postmodern about it. Not that TV sales are the epitome of the yeoman farmer, but what ever happened to stores where people made actual stuff? Is that what we want? Stores that involve selling or making something heavy?
I hope I'm making some sense here. I just have this theory that we work so much because we never make anything real, so we are never sure when we're finished. That's why we all go home and cook or sew- because you can hold or touch something concrete and beautiful.

evilcat said...

Well said, JB.